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Rain Make-ups (Becky Kuba   Feb 4)

Al rain-make-ups must be completed by March 31.

Clarification of Rule #3 (Becky Kuba   Jan 9)

Level Guideline:

A-4.0/4.5 (two 4.5s can play line 1 only)

4.5 rated players CAN ONLY play in line #1 of A

BB-3.5/4.0 (two 4.0s can play line 1 only)

4.0 rated players CAN ONLY play in line #1 of BB

B-3.0/3.5 (two 3.5s can play line 1 only)

3.5 players CAN ONLY play in line # 1 of B

CC-2.5/3.0 (two 3.0s can play line 1 only)

3.0 Players CAN ONLY play in line #1 of CC

Rule #9-Line-ups played in order of strength (Becky Kuba   Jan 18)

Hi All,

There have been a lot of questions regarding Rule# 9 and line-ups being played "in order of strength". Here is some clarification that I hope helps:

     Rule #9 simply states that line-ups must be played in "order of strength". This does not apply to  individual players, but to the strength of the doubles team. The only hard/fast rule regarding where rated players must play is that 4.5 players can only play line #1 in A League, 4.0 players, must play line #1 in BB, etc...Example: In A, If a team wants to split their 4.0's and pair them with two 3.5's (ratings together both add up to 7.5) to make two more even teams, this is up to them. We are not making your line-up for you, sometimes players like to play together or time issues arise.  Two equally rated teams playing lines #3 and #4 is not necessarily a stack. If two 3.5 players play together above two 4.0 players, that would be a strong argument that their line-up is stacked,which is why the ratings are entered for captains to see a discrepancy such as this.
     Another example would be in AA, a captain could play a 4.0 player at line #1 with her strongest player who is a 5.0 even if two 4.5's are playing line #2 (a 5.0 and 4.0 or a 4.5 and a 4.5 both add up to 9.0) and a stronger player can carry the weaker and would likely be a better team than two 4.5's. However, most of the players in your  division  are going to be rated 4.0 in A, 3.5 in BB, etc... so to some extent, captains have to be on their honor to play a fair line-up and play their stronger teams above their weaker teams. 
     If we receive a complaint, we will look at USTA ratings & player record, player records & positions from past seasons and other leagues, age and/or injury. The USTA rating will be one factor in determining whether a line-up is inaccurate, which it always has been.
     I hope this helps,


The new B/BB coordinator is Jami Jones. Please contact her at

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Team Points Weeks
Bobby Riggs 305 5/8
Rancho Santa Fe 294 5/8
Lomas Santa Fe-Zieky 218 5/8
El Camino-Filteau 164 4/8
Vista Tennis Club 152 5/8
Morgan Run-Thompson 131 4/8
Fairbanks Ranch Country Club-Schluter 94 4/8
Surf & Turf-Friebe 81 4/8
Omni La Costa 74 4/8
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Week 7
Feb 19 - Feb 25, 2019
  Rancho Santa Fe
Vista Tennis Club

  Morgan Run-Thompson
El Camino-Filteau

  Bobby Riggs
Omni La Costa

  Lomas Santa Fe-Zieky
Fairbanks Ranch

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